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Our costumers from the pharmaceutical, research, food and medical technology industries, whom operate in a regulated environment and meet GxP Standards, have valued our services and products for years.

We offer an all in one system for complete customer satisfaction and support stand by their sides end-to-end.


We help you define the critical point on your device for the most accurate measurement results


From building the network to the installation of gateways and sensors, we dot it all – if desired with customised mounts


Our calibration service ensures that your sensors provide continuously reliable measurement data


In a regulated environment we guide you through the process of validation and support you during audits


Our adaptable application gives you an easy overview of all metrics – it monitors, alarms and generates reports


In daily business our proactive supervision ensures that your monitoring system works continuously and safely


All our sensors are user-friendly, low-maintenance, as well as GAMP and FDA compliant.



-200ºC to 200ºC



300 hPa to 1’100 hPa



-0⁒ rF to 100⁒ rF



20 dB to 130 dB



0 ppm to 200’000 ppm



0 lux to 3000 lux

…and many more, including the development of new sensors for your specific needs.

“Quality begins with the environment”



No matter if in a laboratory, cold room or freezer, the measurement to be monitored won’t be the same in the entirety of the environment. Thanks to our mapping, you will know where the warmest point, the most humid area or the noisiest place is, so that the measurement instruments are placed correctly and a sustainable quality of the measurement data is guaranteed. The mapping data can be stored in the application and easily access them whenever needed.


We design holistic network environment and install the sensors according to your requirements and the previous mapping. An optimal installation will provide sustainably stable values and outputs. Thanks to our in-house rapid prototyping method it is even possible to produce sensor mounts in all variants. 

Screenshot 2021-07-22 at 15.38.48


Even though our instruments have excellent long-term stability, we recommend that probes are calibrated regularly. More frequent calibration may however be required if the measuring solutions are used in polluted/contaminated environments.

Measuring instruments are precision instruments that must be serviced regularly to maintain reliability. Measurement errors can result in substantial product damage during production and storage.

We will gladly advise you on the optimum service and come to your location for in-house calibration services.



Customers from the pharmaceutical industry, food industry, logistics and many other sectors have to meet the requirements of several regulators. FDA, ISO, GxP or GAMP are internationally acknowledged standards, regulations and practices for the validation of companies and their environments.

We support our customers on their way to the right validation, including:

Development of SOP for system validation (CSV)

Preparation of project related validation plans and risk analysis

Preparation of IQ/OQ documents

Preparation of validation reports

Support during audits



The development of our Monitoring System was a collaboration with a world leading pharmaceutical corporation and a high class sensor producer in Switzerland.
The application is FDA CFR 21 part 11, EU annex 11 and GAMP compliant and we support our customers during the qualification and validation process.

● Easy to handle
● Access rights defined by user group
● Alarm system
● Audit trail
● Automatic report generation
● Cloud based or on premise
● Full traceability
● Long lifecycle guaranteed
● Complete GxP-Documentation and IQ testing script
● Developed based upon the GAMP© 5 recommendations

& Support

Once you have opted for one of our measurement solutions, you will soon discover you are working with sensors that offer a major benefit: long-term stability and accuracy. Nevertheless, it is still smart that your instruments are regularly inspected and maintained.

In this case you can rely on a fast, high-quality and customer-orientated service from Computare.

We provide service by agreement for the maintenance of your system

By demand requests

We provide service by agreement for the maintenance of your system
Whether during working hours or 24/7, we monitor your system and are ready for maintenance activities at any time.


Whether during working hours or 24/7, we monitor your system and are ready for maintenance activities at any time.


co2 sensor-blackandwhite

The CO2 content in the room air has a significant influence on how well bacteria/viruses are transmitted.
We have addressed this issue and built this dome specially designed for meetings. Depending on the CO2 concentration, the color of the dome varies and thus gives all attendees a natural feedback about the current situation.


Get in touch and let us know what you need!


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